Who we are and our goals

Active since 2003 with state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories but with the strength of more than 40 years of know-how, ddchem manufactures hardeners for epoxy resins, hot melt polyamides and epoxy systems for high quality marble and granite.

The mission of ddchem is to positively combine the quality and performance standards of large companies with the attention to detail, care for relationships and flexibility typical of small and medium-sized enterprises. The production performance is that of a multinational industry, with 4 reactors, 6 mixers and pilot plants that allow us to reach a capacity of over 7000 tonnes per year, but the relationship with each of our clients is tailor-made.

We believe that today there is a need for a 360 degree quality approach, where the production of high level products is accompanied by a research and development laboratory oriented towards constant innovation and supported by customer care that truly takes care of every relationship.

In our future we want to continue to respond to the changing needs of our clients with innovative products that have an ever more attentive eye towards the health and safety of their users and respectful of the environment that surrounds us.

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